Legendary Grey Black Breitling Navitimer Replica 01 Limited Edition

A new member joined Breitling Navitimer who is honored as legend in watch making industry and Airlines. The Copy Breitling Navitimer watch takes dark gray dial with black chronometer and carries the black breitling self-making movement. Global limited release 1000 pieces.
To be am immortal classical watch,it must own strong design style and the ability of self-innovation. Breitling navitimer could make it as the pilot. It becomes flight enthusiasts’ symbol worship over the 60 years and is the masterpiece among world’s chronometers. Besides the black dial with silver chronometer series, it also fuses unique Originality just as this Navitimer 01 Limited Edition.

Grey Black Breitling Navitimer 01 Limited

It limited release 1000 pieces. The dark gray dial display light radiating with charming gloss; the dial on the pure silver back dial takes accurate “par épargne” which makes it more special and eventually be a original creative, high-tech watch.
The Replica Navitimer Breitling watch bezel still carries the famous flying ring sliding scale to map out the spirit closely contact with aviation, and through the back could find another significant feature of brand: harness for mechanical timer movement of precise grasp and perfection, this also explains why replica breitling deeply loved by flight. Navitimer 01 Limited Edition carries breitling homemade 01 movement, it has superior performance entirely by the “engine”. The spirit of research and development production, and authenticated by COSC which is accurate and reliable the ultimate protection. Through the transparent sapphire, the bottom of the watch, all show elegant think of opportunely. In addition to the stainless steel strap, Breitling Navitimer 01 Limited Edition with different colors of crocodile leather strap.Every detail shows energy, boost its continued flying legend in the long time gallery!

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