Breitling Colt Replica Swiss Watches With Black Rubber Straps For Sale

If you want to choose one sport watch for outdoor activities, you can choose Breitling Colt copy watches with Swiss quartz movements. They have sport and dynamic appearances. The 36mm steel cases are suitable for both men and women. And the black color is easy to match other different colors. People of different ages are also suitable to wear them on many occasions.

Their hour markers are solid Arabic numerals and luminescent indexes. The central hour and minute hands are carried with luminescent coatings too. The dials can show the time clearly in any case. A small date indicator is at 3 o’clock. The Colt 36 watches continue the tough style and good readability. Their classic designs and innovative case sizes make a new model. Their satin-brushed steel bezels are unidirectional rotating and carried with four indicators. The decent Breitling Colt replica watches are waterproof to 200m deep.

The timepieces are driven by Cal. B74, SuperQuartz movements made in Switzerland. Their battery is CR2016 whose life is 8 years. Breitling fake watches with black dials have scratch-resistant sapphire glasses and screw-in crowns. Their practical and reliable functions are a big advantage for customers to consider.

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